CSTS Covid Initiative

November 16, 2022 Covid Mitali Bhardwaj
CSTS Covid Initiative

Amidst the insurgency of covid-19 pandemic, Maithili Machaan has committed itself in combating the challenges being faced by unprivileged people. It had played a vital role in battling the monster virus. Several initiatives had been taken in the past few months. Those initiatives not just include aiding people physically but also psychologically.

It had been persistently providing free medical consultation to people. Else, it collaborated with two organisations : Jan man People’s foundation and Ayachi Nagar yuva sangathan. These organisations have been actively putting efforts on the ground and helping people to access basic necessities, medical facilities and consultation. Mithila Machaan also released a poster consisting of important numbers of concerned people who could help the needy. Through the poster the team manifested that they would exert themselves to help the deprived with necessities, food, medical consultation and so on.


Apart from its lead on the ground, Mithila Machan has been in the frontline to help people psychologically as well. It had been organising virtual sessions to help people in all the possible ways.
Maithili machaan had conducted a session with Vaidh Ganpati Jha who is an ayurvedic expertise. In that session, he answered to the general queries of people regarding home and ayurvedic remedies. He further elaborated about the precautions and common medications we can take at home.

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Moreover, the sister organization MLF has been conducting a series namely , “Hum jitenge” which is being hosted by Navin Chaudhary. In every next episode, Navin Chaudhary use to have a conversation with corona warriors who share a part of their recovering story. The sole motive of running this programme is to generate positive notion in audience’s psyche.

The nobel corona virus has wreaked havoc in India. During these hard times, Machaan had taken a major step to remind people that it is high time to adapt yoga as a part of our daily routine. Machaan had several sessions with Dr Hridayanand Jha who is an ayurvedic and yog expertise. In the very session he tried connecting with people and claimed pranayamas and asanas assist to build up a strong immunity system. Apart from covid, he also demonstrated how yoga helps us in coping up with multiple other health complications. The session was interactive and commendable.

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The another remarkable session Machaan had was with Dr. Abhinav shrestha Jha. He was himself unwell few days ago, still he came and addressed all the questions very calmly and patiently. Few major points Jha said included ; alertness and prevention is must. Similarly, he told lack of information might be creating difficulties. On the other hand getting trapped into misleading information can be very dangerous. As an end note, he encouraged the audience asserting, “corona is a disease, it might come but don’t stress yourself out. With patience, precautions and proper medications we can fight back.”

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Moreover, Machaan organised a session having Praveen Jha and Dhairyakant who have been continuously working in Darbhanga and Madhubani to bring awareness among people and to aid them with minor medical consultation and facilities. It was not just a session on elaborating and apprasing their efforts. The session was more about conversing on the ground reality specially in rural areas. Jha and kant also qouted how people are either taking corona very lightly or have developed a phobia. There is no in between. They claimed this unbalanced thought process of people to be a huge challenge.

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Due to lack of awareness and information the cases have been rapidly increasing in rural areas. Amid the increasing cases, lockdown and so on, people are facing inverse effects on other factors as well. In this session there were three panelists. Author Anushakti Singh,Vickey Mandal, Shaurya Roy. They interpreted how youths have come out to form alliances and help needy druing this difficult time. They explained how they have been helping people of their village with basic necessities, medicines, counseling and so on. Furthermore, they also discussed about the upcoming steps that could be taken. Lastly, they made appeal that how social networking sites could be used to raise awareness programmes and in various ways that could help people fight this pandemic. Machaan had ensured them to help them in all the possible ways from its end.

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Machaan invited Padma Shree Dr Usha Kiran Khan for the session where she talked about khadi, village industries and Gandhi. She particularly conversed about Gandhian leaning and legacy. In the session, she manifested about the post covid prerequisites and what could be the role of various parties. Either it is authority or civilians. In a statement she quoted that, “khadi is not just a piece of cloth, it is itself a very extensive word. It is a way of living instead.” She suggested that youths should come forward and join hands together to run and promote the cottage industries. The session covered historical dimensions. It was full of Khan’s intellect preaching.

Machaan had also bridged the gap between people of common origin, thoughts and identity. As a group, Machaan had always encouraged people to come out and share their views. Through the platform, people had come along with various posters, piece of writings, paintings etc to bring awareness among people.
The group members had also posted distinct videos concerned to covid precautions, management and cure.

Similarly, Dr. Shefalika Verma also posted a video of her daughter who is a doctor based in England, sharing her point of views on the pandemic. The video included relevant information about covid-19.

Similarly, there were another sessions, such as the session with Dr Nishank Shekhar Thakur. He potrayed how complicated the situation is when one of the family member is infected. He still asked people not to loose hope. It is possible that not everyone in the family gets positive report in such case as well. But only if we try and take preventive measures. He summarised about taking care of the patient and own self efficiently.

A session namely, “corona vimarsh” (corona discussion) was held where youths who had been working in the grassroot level were the panelists. Guriya shah, Dr kumudanand Jha, pushya Mitra, Vashu Mitra, Vikkey Ray, Utpal were the panelists. They manifested about the situation and challenges of the ground. Machaan had always appraised their heroic move. Hence, it had ensured them for all the possible assistance from its part.

In the wake of this deadly pandemic where the whole world is in crisis, Maithili Machaan believes that every help counts. It believes that, together we can fight this pandemic through grit and resilience. It has still been continuously working to identify the needs of community and looking forward to help them out in all the possible manner.

Report by Mitali Bhardwaj

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