Dhairya Narayan Jha

Founder, Q Steel FZE,UAE

Dhairya is very knowledgeable , professional in his civil engineering field. He is go getter, inter personal relationship is excellent. Engagement level and his energizing power to team members is commendable.

Girish Chandra

Girish Chandra Mishra,

Born July 1949 in a village near Madhubani.
A mechanical engineer with plant engineering and project experience in metallurgical industry.
Involved with several organisations promoting Maithili and Mithila from school days.
Loves music and poetry.
Favorite poet’s – Vidyapati, Vaidyanath Mishra ‘Yatri’, Dr. Harivansh Rai ‘Bachan’
Favorite pastime – singing and writing poetry in Hindi and Maithili.
Presently lives in Ranchi.

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