May 26, 2022
Turnkey Broker Solutions From B2Broker Will Feature Centroid Technology

Consider “Active Trader” stage not as a goal but as a temporary state of a client’s activity and help him to evolve by offering more suitable products via content marketing or direct mail and phone calls. Our product managers are deeply knowledgeable about our technical solutions and are there to assist our clients with any specific enquiries. We offer a variety of training materials including videos and demos to help our clients understand the business. It is considered that ordering Main Label solves all issues, but in fact, it brings a vast range of issues which needs to be monitored and handled.

Forex Broker Turnkey Solution

Being a highly competitive industry, there is always plenty of capacity in the market for new companies. With this proposition good startups can expect virtually unlimited growth possibilities. Integrations with Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics are available for our turnkey Forex solutions.

What is turnkey software?

The turnkey solution trading infrastructure takes into account all crypto currency industry trends, as well as common preferences of established brokerage businesses. The ability to access global liquidity providers and integrate them easily into brokerage technology solutions. You can also take into consideration the opinions on different companies offering turnkey forex broker solutions. Recommendations from other customers can be helpful when making the best decision. Brokeree’s growing list of feed solutions allows brokers to stream market data from reliable providers directly to the MetaTrader platform, ensuring full trading transparency for their clients.

We follow a multidisciplinary approach for developing customer-centric applications… No, we provide a White Label only with B2Broker Prime-of-Prime Liquidity service. It depends on which payment system is integrated into your Traders’ room. B2Core is already integrated with more turnkey broker than 40 PSPs and EMIs and all you need to do is sign an agreement with one of them and connect them in a few clicks. We sign a NDA with our clients and therefore do not disclose their details. Find out more about what each sоlution offers and what is the best chоice for you.

We work closely with our clients offering ready-made or customized streams of liquidity to facilitate trading. This enables brokers to benefit from best execution and competitive spreads, together with raw, small, medium and big mark-ups and get rebates. Market liquidity impacts everything from the bid-offer spread to trade execution and is crucial since it affects how quickly you can open and close positions. As a broker, you need to have access to the deepest liquidity pool available to handle all the needs of your traders.

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Give your clients the flexibilitity to trade as you offer them a robust brokerage platform. Our MT4/5 services enable you to expand your brokerage business with integrated social trading. Are you looking for technology and other services for your Forex Brokerage? IQinik is leading technology provider of Forex, binary options, stocks, CFDs and securities. We provide tailor made solution to start up and existing brokerage firms.

We have years of experience and expertise in Forex brokerage services, and we empower traders with the help of solutions backed by cutting edge technologies. Get in touch with us to start enjoying turnkey Forex solutions from Finsbridge. B2Broker is a well-known name in the B2B industry all around the world. When it comes to crypto and Forex brokers, crypto exchanges, and other financial services companies, it is one of the most recognized technology and liquidity providers. Centroid-integrated turnkey brokerage solutions are now available from B2Broker, a global provider of technology and liquidity to Forex and crypto markets. With Centroid, B2Broker clients can now take advantage of multi-asset connectivity, extensive real-time risk management, and reliable lag-free trading capabilities.


Special offers for brokers who choose to switch to Sanfrix as their second platform. Several small and medium brokerages trust Sanfrix to drive their business. Our fully customisable trading solutions can be tailored to meet every business need. CRYPTO EXCHANGE TURNKEY SOLUTIONS Our unique blend of financial & regulatory mastery with technical expertise, has helped us build an ever evolving blockchain landscape. Improve trading servers’ performance by minimizing bonus distribution chains for trades with short duration (i.e. scalping).

Our solution can help you increase the profit potential of your brokerage by resorting to a hybrid operating model that combines A-Booking and B-Booking. The sublicensee gets access to all client applications, including web, desktop and mobile. SALV integration is a great tool for in-depth analysis of the user activity and access to information on penalties to make informed security decisions.

The provided turnkey Forex broker software functionality includes the ability to control slippage protection, both on the side of users and on the side of the business owner. Within the limits of the slippage value set by the broker, the trader can set his own value. If the final price in an order exceeds the specified threshold, such an order will simply be rejected. Comprehensive software solutions for brokerages, digital asset platforms and prop trading companies. The company is based in Dubai and has various regional offices across the world, allowing it to offer tailored localized services and solutions to customers worldwide.

Centroid is currently integrated with multiple leading trading platforms, such as MetaTrader 4/5, cTrader, and many others. An extensive array of APIs, including FIX, Web, and other bridge types of connectivity are also supported. A Forex broker is an intermediary that operates as a middleman between a trader and the market. By using a broker, retail clients can access the financial markets, which would not otherwise be possible. An all-in-one package of services and software solutions that helps entrepreneurs launch a new FOREX Brokerage with minimal effort, reduced time and lower costs.

Services for automated dividend calculation

These services can include back-office accounting functionality, making it an ideal solution for organizations who are seeking a comprehensive management solution. Ability to offer new products and services that can be customized according to customer requirements. Comprehensive back-office solutions that enable brokers to manage portfolios and accounts efficiently. Not to mention, starting a Forex brokerage business is an expensive business venture. It is essential that you are prepared to work hard and invest a considerable amount of time and resources.

Forex Broker Turnkey Solution

Has been the main tool that helps FXOpen traders make deposits and withdrawals to trading accounts since 2014. The broker may find himself in a situation when the solution provider overprices his services, or doesn’t want to update or maintain the technical equipment he provides, or even decides to close his business. The majority of Forex brokers provide traders with the opportunity to trade not just currency pairs but other asset classes, including indices, metals and energies. Building verification flows for trading clients can also be a complicated task.

Were you looking for something else? MT4/MT5 Platform Services

Hedge clients positions to MetaTrader 4 and 5 servers as well as to any liquidity provider via FIX API. Provide better customer experience by hedging unprofitable trades, allowing traders to re-adjust trading strategies before realizing losses. The tool switches clients’ positions to new future symbols and calculates the difference in prices between two mapped symbols, as well as processes it as a balance operation.

  • Meanwhile, Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority stated that 48% of European brokers are licensed in Cyprus, and only 29% have local German licenses.
  • Certain white-label providers do not authorize the usage of third party risk management tools, which results in a limited number of options for white-label brokers.
  • We work closely with our clients offering ready-made or customized streams of liquidity to facilitate trading.
  • There is a risk management tool inside the money management platform that allows traders to set a risk limit on their accounts.
  • This is an approximate cost and revenue structure of a brokerage company that can vary depending on business model, regulation, investments and markets.
  • They’ve worked really hard to earn and keep our business than any other partner we’ve ever worked with.
  • When a trader reaches the limit, new orders will be rejected until the client closes active trades.

Our turnkey Forex solution can provide you with connectors to all major liquidity providers, including the largest tech hubs like Integral and Corinex. This means that potentially any major liquidity provider you are interested in can be integrated with your business. If necessary, our PAMM service can also become part of our turnkey FX solution. This product will allow you to attract additional clients who have no trading experience at all, but want to invest in skills of professional traders.


A special combination of colors, graphics and word elements make the company outstanding. 15 major coins are available including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, NEO, NEM and Monero. A choice of 6 top stablecoins, including USDT, USDC, GUSD, PAX, TUSD and BUSD are available as a mode of payment. Blockchain transactions are irreversible with no chargebacks and no recurring fees or hidden charges.

Forex Broker Turnkey Solution

Launch your own crypto exchange or crypto brokerage in the shortest possible time. Skip the complex process of developing, testing and investing huge amount of time and money. A comprehensive solution that provides multi-asset brokers with extensive functionality to manage leverage and margin requirements on a per-account and per-symbol basis. IQinik’s client such as broker, bank, or any financial institute or any entity to whom we provided technology is sole responsible for all regulatory, legal and compliance issues and activity. IQinik does not offer or represent investments, trading, speculation or any money involved businesses.


Centroid is compatible with leading trading platforms like MT4/5, cTrader, etc. Additionally, Centroid supports an impressive variety of APIs, such as FIX, Web, and other bridge-based connectivity methods. Our real-time monitoring tool provides your e-trading desk with a window onto algorithmic behavior as it happens and we can populate your risk management and compliance systems with street-side FIX messages.

This one-stop shop for all your brokerage tech needs gives you complete control of your technology infrastructure. A turnkey solution from a forex broker will automatically execute your trades for you, so you don’t have to worry about any details. This saves you time and Money and allows you to focus on other aspects of your trading strategy. Whether you’re an existing or aspiring forex broker who’d like to offer the MT4 trading platform, we offer is a 360 degree front end and back office solutions.

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